Green Forever Environmental Corps Program

This program provides youth 17 to 30 years of age in Ontario, Canada with training and meaningful employment in environmental and cultural heritage conservation. The Green Forever Environmental Corps program is aimed at empowering youth with leadership skills, team spirit and employment skills.

Youth should not be seen as passive recipients of external influences. They do have a voice and deserve to be actively involved in making a positive impact in their communities and the world at large. Working in groups and interacting with people, learning new skills, shapes their development and opens up doors of opportunities for career progression.

Youth benefit immensely from the Green Forever Corps program by acquiring skills, knowledge and feel even more connected to the environment.

The Green Forever Environmental Corps program supports organizations, corporations and municipalities in areas of environmental management and conservation.


Green Forever Environmental through the corps program will work with communities, organizations and the government to improve and enhance the environment in a sustainable manner.


How the Green Forever Environmental Corps Program works.

1. Organizations partner with us through our corps program

Green Forever Environmental believes in true partnership to ensure youths enrolled in the corps program benefit immensely. Projects youth would be working on are well laid out to ensure that partners’ requirements and standards are met. Organizations, corporations and municipalities in areas of environmental management and conservation are encouraged to partner with us to make this a meaningful experience for our youth.


2. Youth work in teams

Youth enrolled will work in teams known as ‘green teams’ and each team will have a team leader. Although most teams work in groups of 4 during the summer months for 8 weeks, the length of employment and team size may vary for some teams depending on the nature of their project(s).


3. Environmental and conservation projects

The projects our teams work on has to be beneficial to the communities in which they occur. These projects focus on Environmental/Waste Management and Conservation – Restoration of Cultural Heritage of partner company or organization.


4. Project selection

Our project selection process is competitive and this occurs in the winter and spring. About 15 projects are selected every year. This number will continue to grow as more resources become available. We want to help as many youths as possible to gain work experience and develop the necessary skills they need – leadership skills, team spirit.

As we continue to grow and expand across Ontario, supervisors for each region will be selected to work with Green Team leaders to ensure daily work activities are going smoothly.


5. Training

Youth who make it into the program will attend a three day orientation in their first week of employment. This training will equip them with different skills and opportunities they require in order to work on their projects in a safe and proficient manner.