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Waste Brokerage

We can take care of how your waste should be handled, transported, recycled and disposed. Feel free to contact us.

Specialized Recycling

We can help pick up special materials like electronic waste, batteries, fluorescent light tubes, ballasts for recycling in a safe and responsible manner. Feel free to contact us.    

Waste Audits

A waste audit is the study of waste produced at a designated entity. The results from your waste audit serves as the foundation for developing the waste reduction work plan. G F Environmental Waste Audit process involves: Identifying the manner by which waste is managed. Measuring the quantity of waste. Identifying the composition of waste. Revealing problem areas and finding solutions to those areas. Waste Audits in Ontario, Canada are mandatory for specific buildings in the IC&I sectors because they are required by law to comply with regulations. Waste Audits will save your business money as such,  all organizations are strongly encouraged to audit their waste streams as they will also reap huge rewards by doing so.

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Why G F Environmental?

You are required by law in Ontario to do a Waste Audit and have a source separation program, If you fall in the categories below.


Restaurants making $3,000,000 or more in gross annual sales.

Hotels & Motels

At least about 75 Units

Office Buildings

Floor area 107,639 sq.ft or 10,000 sq.m and above

Retail Shopping Complexes & Establishments

Floor area 107,639 sq. ft or 10,000 sq.m and above

Large Manufacturing Institutions

16,000 hours or more worked per month(total employee hours)

Educational Institutions

350 Students or more (annual enrollment)


Class A, B or F

Large Construction & Demolition Projects

Floor area 21,527 sq.ft or 2,000 sq.m and above



A portion of Green Forever Environmental profits goes to Planet Earth is Ours, a non- profit established by Green Forever Environmental. We change lives in every little way we can by ensuring our planet is clean, safe and secure for mankind.

  • Our commitment to serving neighborhoods and the world in which we live in, is one of our core values.
  • Ensuring our environment is beautiful and spreading the word is something we strongly believe in.
  • Responding to the need for increased food security and ensuring that people can still enjoy healthy meals is something that defines who we really are.




G F Environmental is the only company we call on for all our waste management needs. This company is very efficient. They listen to you and make sure all your waste and recycling programs are working well. When it comes to Environmental days and events look no further. This is the company to go to for your sustainability needs.

James Stevens Developer@yahoo.com

G F Environmental went above and beyond to ensure our tenants and cleaners are knowledgeable about collection and recycling methods for our buildings. G F Environmental have been conducting our waste audits and we are pleased with the results. A big thank you to you.

Tasha Williams (Property Manager) CEO@google.com