Obey The Law

In Ontario Canada, waste audits and waste reduction work plans are required by the Environmental Protection Act if you manage any of the entities listed below.

Waste reduction work plans have to be posted in a visible spot in an organization and be made available to your staff when they want to see it.

Your waste audit report must also be saved on file for 5 years.




Facility Criteria
Restaurants $3,000,000 or more in gross annual sales
Retail shopping complexes Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Retail shopping establishments Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Office buildings Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Educational Institutions 350 students or more
Hospitals Class A, B or F
Hotels and Motels At least 75 units
Large Manufacturing Institutions 16,000 hours worked or more per month
Large construction projects Floor area 2,000 sq. m
Large demolition projects Floor area 2,000 sq. m


It is the law. Contact us today so that we can offer you waste management solutions tailored to your needs.


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