Waste Audit

A waste audit is the study of waste composition produced at a designated entity. laptop showing a waste audit report with clear graphsAudits reveal what you are throwing out as waste, what you are diverting (by reusing or recycling) and the amount of each type of material.

All businesses and residential buildings will benefit immensely from our waste audits because they become more conscious of the amount of waste they generate and in turn save money on garbage pick up costs and protect the environment at the same time. Green Forever Environmental strongly believes all organizations should apply the 3Rs to their day to day activities.

Choose from Green Forever Environmental levels of waste audits below depending on your sustainability goals.


Green Forever Environmental offers 3 types of waste audit depending on what your organization intends to achieve:


Weighing of waste and recyclables, handling and visual assessment.

Green Forever Environmental will examine your waste stream by utilizing the following steps:

  • Visually identifying your waste streams (waste and recycling composition)
  • Weighing and recording of garbage and recycling bags
  • Data and diversion rate
  • Report – the report will include data of waste your facility generated and your existing programs. The report will also reveal problem areas and recommendations.

2. COMPREHENSIVE WASTE AUDIT An overflowing bin with garbage on the ground

Sorting and weighing of recyclables and waste by material category.

Green Forever Environmental will audit your waste and recycling streams. This level of audit involves:

  • Weighing labelled bags, recording weights and taking notes.
  • Opening labelled bags and weighing every category of waste by type.
  • Waste audit data included in report
  • Comprehensive waste audit report detailing the findings and recommendations.

– Our comprehensive waste audits meet Ontario’s waste audit (102/94) and source separation (103/94) regulations.

– We will also develop a Waste Reduction Work Plan (WRWP) for your building based on the outcome of your waste audit. This Work Plan will help your building achieve reduction in the overall garbage you generate. Please note that WRWPs are necessary for buildings required to comply with Ontario regulations 102/94.

– Our comprehensive waste audits also meet LEED waste audit requirements. We can help you implement practices that are sustainable and help you work towards LEED.


General review of waste and recycling composition of a facility

Green Forever Environmental will review your waste and recycling streams by walking through your facility and having discussions with your staff. During this process, we will look at the positioning of your bins and your loading dock as well as the overall recycling and waste management practices of your site. Feedback will also be provided to management.

Did you know?

Waste Audits and Waste Reduction Work plans are mandatory in Ontario for the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional sectors that fall in the categories listed below. The facilities listed below must conduct waste audits and update work plans.

They must also have source separation programs in order to gain and remain in compliance with Ontario regulations 102/94 and 103/94 respectively.recycling and waste bins for sorting of waste and recyclable materials helps improve diversion rate

To achieve this, our thorough and practical waste audit approach helps organizations eventually achieve zero waste to landfill whilst also saving our customers money.

Designated facilities that do not comply are subject to fines.

If your facility falls within the categories listed below, please contact us so that we can help you conform to these regulations.

Facility Criteria
Restaurants 3,000,000 or more in gross annual sales
Retail shopping complexes Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Retail shopping establishments Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Office buildings Floor area 10,000 sq. m (107,639sq. ft)
Educational Institutions 350 students or more
Hospitals Class A, B or F
Hotels and Motels At least 75 units
Large Manufacturing Institutions 16,000 hours worked or more per month
Large construction projects Floor area 2,000 sq. m
Large demolition projects Floor area 2,000 sq. m


Green Forever Environmental Waste Audit process involves:

  • Identifying the manner by which waste is managed.
  • Measuring the quantity of waste.
  • Identifying the composition of waste.
  • Revealing problem areas and finding solutions to those areas.

Waste Audit benefits include the following:

  • You save garbage pickup costs.
  • Green Forever Environmental will identify problem areas.                 Bags of garbage
  • You divert recyclables from waste.
  • You gain an understanding of the waste and recycling produced.
  • Green Forever Environmental will help you discover the amount of recyclables you throw out as ‘waste’.
  • You achieve recognition for your waste management efforts.
  • You gain compliance with regulations.
  • You improve your organization’s diversion rates.

All organizations would benefit immensely from our waste audits.

If you are also looking for office recycling solutions, or office recycling tips, or even office recycling containers and waste sorting bins, contact us today and lets offer you waste management solutions tailored to your needs!