What is Earth day about and how do we celebrate earth day? Here are 11 tips.

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The first Earth Day was held in 1970 in the United States and in 1980 in Canada. It has now grown into an internationally celebrated event in more than 190 countries. Earth day is the perfect time to remember to appreciate the Earth – our home. Environmental discussions are huge these days and there’s never been a better time to engage in conversations with friends, colleagues and family, at school and work, and even in our communities about such topics than now. We can all benefit by engaging in these discussions and doing our part by preserving the earth just by making small and big changes. Various events are held worldwide on earth day to show support for environmental protection. In some places around the world, Earth day is usually […]

Heads up! Regulations Alert in Ontario, Canada – What You Need To Know

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Are you throwing out a lot of stuff in the name of ‘garbage’? You may be throwing out a lot of “dollars” without realizing it. Hence, there is a strong need for you to be conscious of items you throw out as ‘waste’ and see if you can reduce, reuse or recycle them. You can even pass them on to someone else who needs them. Not everything we don’t need anymore has to go in the garbage. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 25 million tonnes of non – hazardous waste was sent to landfill in 2016. (This is the latest figure. Hopefully new waste figures for 2018 will be uploaded at some point this year since figures are updated on their site every 2 years). It is shocking to point […]