Waste Brokerage

We can take care of how your waste should be handled, transported, recycled and disposed. Feel free to contact us.

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Specialized Recycling

We can help pick up special materials like electronic waste, batteries, fluorescent light tubes, ballasts for recycling in a safe and responsible manner. Feel free to contact us.



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Waste Audits

A waste audit is the study of waste produced at a designated entity. The results from your waste audit serves as the foundation for developing the waste reduction work plan.

G F Environmental Waste Audit process involves:

  • Identifying the manner by which waste is managed.
  • Measuring the quantity of waste.
  • Identifying the composition of waste.
  • Revealing problem areas and finding solutions to those areas.

Waste Audits in Ontario, Canada are mandatory for specific buildings in the IC&I sectors because they are required by law to comply with regulations. Waste Audits will save your business money as such,  all organizations are strongly encouraged to audit their waste streams as they will also reap huge rewards by doing so.

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Zero Waste Programs and Events

Zero waste events are waste reduction activities conducted on clients’ site to raise awareness and engage their staff.  For example, a barbecue event is planned and organized by the client and G F Environmental staff will be onsite to ensure recyclables are diverted efficiently from the waste stream.

Waste and recycling generated onsite are weighed and a report is presented to the client. Conducting such events annually is also a great way to monitor waste reduction progress and improve communication among staff.


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Education and Outreach

Our educational programs are delivered to management, staff, and tenants, and other stakeholders in a variety of formats from our customized website and blog to seminars, flyers, labels, newsletters and signage.

We offer in-person presentations for your staff or tenants. We assist our clients with special events in form of games and displays; events to mark Earth day, Waste reduction Week and more.


We also offer training programs for your cleaning staff. We bring your custodial staff up to speed with how waste should be collected within your organization. If your organization has recycling programs in place, it is important for waste and recycling streams to be properly segregated.

Regular meeting is recommended to ensure your cleaners are well informed of your waste management policy and if there are any issues, the meetings and information sessions would help clarify them.

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Facility Walk – through

A facility walk through is a method used to assess the waste management practices of a building at the waste source. Major generation areas such as offices, washrooms and cafeteria are examined. Types of equipment used by staff and signage are also examined, recycling and waste practices are examined.

Organizations that want to improve their programs would benefit immensely from a facility walk-through. Let us help you today.



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Waste Inspection

A waste inspection is a great tool used to gain understanding of the waste components of a particular building. This method involves a visual inspection of waste streams; problem areas are detected.

Waste Inspection –What’s involved?

  • A day’s worth of waste is collected by cleaners.
  • Bags of waste are inspected visually by Green Forever’s experienced staff.
  • Recyclable materials observed in the waste are noted.
  • Pictures of waste materials are taken.
  • A brief report that covers observations, problem areas, pictures and recommendations is given to client.

Who needs a Waste Inspection?

Any organization that would like to know the general success of their recycling program. Green Forever Environmental will spot those areas that need additional focus. A Waste Inspection is a great tool for measuring the progress of your recycling program.

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